Welcome to Herondale Farm

100% Grass Fed/Grass Finished Beef & Lamb, Pasture Raised Chicken & Pork.

We pursue sustainable farming practices through holistic management. By managing land resources in partnership with grazing animals, we strive to increase land productivity, optimize water resources, preserve food sources, create sustainable livelihoods and remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere—oh and did we say—have some fun!!

Jerry Peele with a British White calfWe raise healthy and happy animals. We use no hormones or antibiotics. Our chickens and pigs are a seasonal business—from spring through late fall—to ensure that they have grass as a big part of their diet. As soon as the chickens have feathers they are living outside in the paddocks surrounding the barns, gleaning a great deal of nutrition from the pasture. The pigs are always outside rooting up marginal fields or woodlots. And the cows and lambs graze the fields as long as the grass is standing, after which they enjoy the alfalfa baleage and hay that we put up for supplemental winter-feed.

In essence we are trying to turn back the clock—to produce meat and poultry that tastes as good as it did several decades ago before farms got turned into factories. By raising the animals in their natural environment and with their natural diets we are simply letting nature dictate the quality of their lives and their meat.

The Berksires over the pastureBritish White and Murray Grey cattle were bred to thrive on grass. These heritage breeds have never adapted to the feedlot system that forces hormone-filled cows to eat grain and forget about grazing. A grass-fed diet ensures meat that is tender, tasty, high in omega-3s and hormone free, and our cows are eating grass completely free of herbicides and pesticides as well.

If you would like to buy meat and/or poultry from Herondale Farm you can come pay a visit to our farm store, or place an order online to be shipped by UPS. The farm store also has a great line of seasonal produce from a variety of local farms, as well as baked goods and other dry goods from local producers.