A Good Egg

IMG_2158One of the eggs  in this photo is our own farm egg, and the other is an “organic, cage-free” supermarket egg. Can you guess which one is ours? Our dark orange yolks are not just prettier and brighter, but they are firmer, holding their shape when you crack the shells. The egg on the right (not ours) was watery and sickly by comparison. And sickly is the operative word, because eggs that come from hens that are not raised outdoors (with plenty of opportunity to  peck the ground for bugs and move around in fresh air )are going to give you the egg on the right. And there is really no way of knowing the true conditions the chickens were living in unless you know the farm, and see for yourself. That’s because the labeling laws for meat and eggs allows the terms “cage-free” and “free-range” to be used very loosely. In many cases, the hens are crammed indoors and confined, and even if there are no cages, it doesn’t matter. They live poor quality lives and the resulting egg is, well, poor quality. Real quality eggs come from farms where hens are free-roaming, and that means they are outside under the sun, so they can lay eggs that are as bright as the sun itself. Our eggs, and eggs from farms like us, are higher in omega-3’s and other vital nutrients like vitamins A, D, K, and B12. And let’s not forget the high level of antioxidants, which factory eggs just don’t have. That’s quite impressive for a simple egg, isn’t it? If you live nearby, come visit our laying hens sometime. We have nothing to hide.

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