Community Supported Agriculture

You are invited to experience the outstanding beyond organic 100% grass fed, pasture raised meats and poultry of Herondale Farm that up until now have only been available at our farm store in Ancramdale, NY or at our local farmer’s markets!

Herondale Farm’s phenomenal tasting meats and poultry are due to the extraordinary care we take to nurture our livestock as well as the value we place on true beyond organic, sustainable and innovative farming methods.

Our commitment to the highest quality standards has made Herondale Farm a locally renowned and deeply appreciated source of 100% grass fed and pasture raised meats and poultry.

We are confident that you will not be disappointed in your monthly share, at well below regular retail price!

Download the CSA form here!


CSA Members are also welcome to order items to receive in addition to their Shares at 10% off our regular prices.  Check out our full line of items and prices here:

(Please note that not all items are available at all times)

Herondale Price List

We are also pleased to announce the Salami Club, that comes courtesy of JACüTERIE.  We have begun offering Hand Crafted Dried Sausage in our farm store, that Jack Peele makes right here at Herondale.  We are now offering the Salami Club, as a way some of our CSA customers can receive these delicious Salami in New York City.  The Salami Club is separate from our CSA, so members can sign up for one or both!  For more information on signing up for the club see the below form

Salami Club

For More information on JACüTERIE go to the website


What members are saying!!…

“your chickens, by the way, have ruined us to all other chickens! Seriously though, it has completely changed the way we think about meat consumption. Thank you for that. :-)

“We have a meat share and LOVE it! The meat is delicious; I especially love the lamb, that is to die for. Packaging is perfect, good portion size”.

“The meat CSA is simply awesome. Hands down, some of the best meat”

I am down for “lifetime” membership!

“Mine has been delicious and quantity is good. I’m sharing mine and we are alternating months so a meat plus a chicken delivery is lasting me the month. Thank you for what you are doing to make this possible for us!”

“Keep me signed up, please! Totally loving it”.

“Things have been really great overall. The pork shoulder was incredible, and the steaks have been really stunning as well. I have been very happy with the share. It has really helped me out w/keeping me fed healthfully and I’m glad my money is going to support something I believe in”.

“Thank you so much for supplying us with amazing products!!”

“The meat / poultry shares have been fantastic. The sausages have been outstanding, the steaks delicious, and the variety of cuts has been appreciated. The method of delivery has worked out great too”

“This is the best thing that’s ever happened to our kitchen!”

“We would like to renew – we LOVE this CSA!”

“Just don’t you dare give away my spot ;)

“I am never buying meat from the store again, so Yes! We will be signing up for the chicken only share for the summer, then probably back to meat in the fall. It has been so good! I made Asian style short ribs in the pressure cooker this week, amazing”.

“I love your stuff. Thank you for helping me feed my family with a good conscience”.