Every Picture Tells a Story

We take a lot of photos of our animals here. Mostly because they are irrisistable and when you see their faces it is hard not to reach for your iphone and attempt to capture what is actually nearly impossible. Animals don’t photograph the way humans do, and they aren’t going to pose for you (well, maybe a few can be bribed). Cows, sheep, pigs and chickens have their own agenda, and we wouldn’t dream of imposing our will to point and click over their desire to turn toward something more interesting, or scamper away. No, we just have to be observant, and quick. Sometimes it works in our favor, and sometimes it doesn’t. This particular photo, taken by Jerry is a perfect example of when it goes just right. I see in this image a proud mom, who somehow knew someone was taking notice, and truly seeing her. And that is universal, and it wasn’t posed and it wasn’t luck, either. It is just simply real life. It is her picture, and her story. IMG_2724

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