Independence Day


Independence Day. It’s a time to celebrate choice, and freedom, and freedom of choice. So with the risk of being overly sentimental, I just wanted to write an open letter to all of our Herondale customers to say thank you.  Thank you for choosing us, time and again. Thank you for being patient and understanding during our Spring cleaning and transformation, and realizing that in the end we’re making the store better just for you. Thank you for your tips and suggestions, and the thoughtful, amazing recipes you’ve created and shared using our meat.  Thank you for being a devoted CSA member…and yes, we know each and every one of you, no matter where you live. Thank you to our neighbors and other nearby friends who visit us every weekend – You all make Herondale work, and you’re all a part of us. Because we’re in this together. This isn’t just us farmers raising animals the right way, and the humane way. You’re supporting not just our farm, but a way of farming and of life  every time you choose us. Every time you make the decision to  pass by the supermarket meat aisle because you’d rather make the trip to get something much better, you make a vote with your dollars, and  with your time. We understand that it can feel like you, as one person, don’t make a difference, but you do. In fact, stating with your dollar where you will get your food – the most basic necessity of life –  is the strongest vote a person can make. When you buy from a local, sustainable farm, you are saying, “this is my vote, and this is what I want more of.” So thank you for voting for us. Happy Independence Day, everyone.


Herondale Farm

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